We are so excited to announce the launch of a new resource for our library. The Freegal suite includes Freegal Music, Freegal Movies, Freading and Rocket Languages. For each of the modules that allow a certain number of downloads per week, the week runs from Monday to Sunday. Users will login with their library car and pin. Stop into the Turtle Lake Public Library to get your card number and pin.

Freegal Music allows patrons to download up to 5 songs a week and stream up to 3 hours of music per day. It includes a large catalog of artists and genres of music. Users can login at

Freegal Movies allows users to view up to 3 movies or TV shows per week. Users have 48 hours to watch their selection via streaming. Once the 48 hours expires, users will have to wait 6 months to watch it again if it’s still available in the collocation. Users can login at

Freading allows users to download ebooks. Each ebook in the collection has a token value. Users have 6 tokens to use per week. Freading is compatible with a number of devices and does require an Adobe Digital Editions account. See the FAQ at at for more information on compatibility and Adobe Digital Editions, as well as to download titles. Users will have access to titles for two weeks, with an option to renew for an additional two week period.

Rocket Languages is an online resource to assist people with learning a new language. Each lesson consists of an opportunity to hear the pronunciation and ten test your skills. There are currently 11 languages, including English. Rocket Languages can be accessed at Users will have to creat an account the first time they visit the site and will need their library card number to do so.

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